Autism Education Training

Schools Making Sense of Autism

What is it?

This module is an awareness-raising module for all staff in a school community,
whether they be teachers, learning support staff, school meals supervisors, or
transport staff.
The module provides an introduction to autism and the reasonable adjustments
that need to be considered when working with autistic pupils.

Aims of the Training

  • To extend your understanding of how autism affects pupils in school.
  • To increase your expertise in recognising a pupil’s individual strengths and
  • To develop your skills in identifying barriers to learning for autistic pupils.
  • To develop your understanding of what ‘reasonable adjustments’ need to be
    made to support an autistic pupil in your setting.

Learning Objectives

  • Approach autism as a difference rather than a deficit or disorder.
  • Recognise the three areas of difference for autistic pupils and how these can
    affect them.
  • Listen to and learn from the perspectives of autistic pupils and their
  • Reflect on your practice and implement reasonable adjustments to support
    autistic pupils.

Training Dates

Link will be sent prior to training for online sessions. Venue for in person events
is as follows:

Nene Business Centre, Waterside House
Station Road, Irthlingborough
United Kingdom
For more information, email us:

How To Join

Should you wish to be a part of our school led wellbeing partnership and join EPIC Psychology and Wellbeing from September 2023 we are currently accepting school requests*.

*All membership is subject to a completed partnership agreement being returned by all schools or partnerships. Fees are subject to review year on year.

Please contact for further details.