Supervision Sessions

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ELSA Supervision

CommitmentDescriptionCostDeliveryMinimum delegates
ELSA Supervision6x 1.5 hour supervision sessionsThese are ongoing compulsory supervision sessions in order to remain a practicing ELSA within their school.

Partner School: £165

Non Partner School: £185

Educational Psychologist8

Solihull Supervision

CommitmentDescriptionCostDeliveryMinimum delegates
Solihull Approach practitioner supervision BespokeSupervision and support both for those using Solihull Approach in their daily work and for practitioners facilitating the ‘understand your child’s behaviour’ parent/carer workshops.  These sessions provide the opportunity to reflect on professional practice to enable growth and to problem-solve issues that arise in a safe and supportive environment.

Partner School: £120

Non Partner School: £140

Educational Psychologist





(either groups or 1:1)


Coaching Psychology Supervision

 CommitmentDescriptionCostDeliveryMinimum delegates
Coaching PsychologyBespoke

Coaching psychology provides support to individuals or groups to help enhance well-being, development and performance. Coaching psychology gives valuable time and space to celebrate and learn from successes, think through issues being faced, identify goals to achieve and plan how to achieve them. It can focus on:

·        Goal-achievement and decision-making

·        Resilience

·        Wellbeing

Coaching can provide you with a safe, confidential, supportive-but-challenging relationship in which you can thing through aspects of your work and/or life situation with a non-judgemental sounding board.

Package time deductionEducational Psychologist1:1

Class Teacher Drop-ins

CommitmentDescriptionCostDeliveryMinimum delegates
Supervision for school staff inc. Class Teacher Drop ins 30-45 mins

EPIC’s Educational Psychologists have a breadth of knowledge surrounding children’s academic and mental health needs that they want to share with Class Teachers in order to help them support their class children.

EPIC are offering drop-in sessions for Class Teachers to provide them with some one-to-one time with an Educational Psychologist. During this time, the Educational Psychologist will answer any questions you may have around a child’s report, a child’s needs, and/ or any concerns about the mental health of your class children. Discussions can remain anonymous or be centred around case children already known to EPIC.

Package time deductionEducational Psychologist 

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