Specialised Assessments

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ADOS Assessment

Commitment Description Cost Delivery Minimum delegates
ADOS Assessment   90-minute assessment The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is a standardized diagnostic assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. It consists of a series of interactive semi-structured and structured tasks tailored to the child’s level. The trained professionals will observe for the presence or absence of behaviours that are important to the diagnosis of Autism. ADOS is not a standalone assessment but significantly contributes towards a multidisciplinary team discussion around diagnosis. PS: £650 NPS: £685 Educational Psychologist or Speech and Language Therapist 1 child

Sensory Assessments

Commitment Description Cost Delivery Minimum delegates
Sensory Profile Assessment   1 x AP consultation with parent 1 x AP consultation with school 1 x Child Observation at school This assessment will provide an overview of a child’s sensory needs in relation to each of their senses. The outcome of this assessment will be a better understanding of the child’s sensory profile in order to help them function more successfully in the classroom. This assessment does not provide an identification of sensory processing difficulties which would usually be provided by an appropriately trained Sensory Integration Practitioner. Partner School: £300 Non Partner School: £325 Assistant Psychologist 1 child
Sensory Environmental Audit On request This assessment will provide an overview of the classroom and school environment from a sensory-friendly perspective. On request Assistant Psychologist N/A

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