Assessment & Consultation

EPIC psychologists assess children in whatever way is deemed appropriate in order to move things on for that child. This might be through reviewing paperwork and previous assessments, through observation or direct work with the child but is usually a combination of all threeThe Educational Psychologists always consult with school staff as part of their assessment and the parent/s carer/s are always invited to the consultation too. It is usually the case at this joint problem-solving meeting, that agreed actions are decided upon. Where other agencies are involved (such as Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, CAMHS, Social Workers etc.) the EPs will liaise as appropriate. It is usually the case that a report will be written as a conclusion to this process unless it has been agreed otherwise. 

EPs can also hold class teacher drop-ins where consultations about anonymous children can take place with no referral required. The class teacher makes notes.

How To Join

Should you wish to be a part of our school led wellbeing partnership and join EPIC Psychology and Wellbeing from September 2023 we are currently accepting school requests*.

*All membership is subject to a completed partnership agreement being returned by all schools or partnerships. Fees are subject to review year on year.

Please contact for further details.